Although the classic image of a pearl is one of a typical white/coral luster, they really do come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we look at 8 of our favorite pearl rings all sporting very different designs and a whole range of colors.

Black Pearl and Diamond Ring

The Tahitian pearl in this spectacular design is very rare in the depth and richness of its color. The flawless charcoal, almost black, pearl is set into the head across a second, high-profile shoulder that is turned through 90 degrees to the band. This creates a fabulous point of interest that stands out from many designs and makes sure the fabulous 12mm Black Pearl doesn’t go unnoticed!

The more conventional shoulders on the band itself are pavé set diamonds which effortlessly lead the eye to the star of the show. The real X-Factor? Definitely!

Yellow Pearl and Diamond Ring

Pearls come in a variety of colors, with none quite so eye-opening as the bright yellow example in this amazing ring!

With an unusual, twisted 14K gold setting and 0.62 carats of white pavé diamonds, the finished effect is absolutely stunning. The ring itself is very unusual in that the pavé diamonds create a front and back to the design, rather than the more conventional, reversible setting. The sweeping line of stones guiding the eye ever upwards to the crowning glory of the pearl itself.

Vintage Natural Pearl Engagement Ring

Natural pearls are, by their nature, unique and, when set into a handmade platinum mount sporting two rows of baguette diamonds, it takes being unique to a whole new level.

This vintage beauty is dated c.1960, and has all the hallmarks of a master craftsman taking absolute pride in his work. The 10.20ct pearl engagement ring is surface-set, not drilled and peg-mounted, and settles beautifully on top of a twisted-effect double gallery that carries the diamonds.

White Gold Pearl and Diamond Ring

Another stunning pearl with a rainbow of colors contained within the luster, providing a contrast to the overall depth of the main color. The 11mm diameter pearl is set in white gold and contained within a mesmerizing, seemingly never-ending twist of gold and diamonds.

This ring is one of those rare occasions where the main attraction has to work a little bit harder to outdo the support act, but boy does it ever! The luster of the pearl has such depth that the twists of diamonds can be seen in reflection, adding even more interest to an already wonderful effect.

South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring

South Sea pearls are how we often think a pearl should look. The white color and deep luster with slight rose or silver undertones is the classic pearl of pictures and advertisements, and this amazing example takes all that to the highest level. Approximately 12mm in diameter, and almost perfectly round, the pearl itself barely needs any help in looking stylish and sexy!

And yet, the dagger-like shoulders bring just the right amount of danger to the tranquility for which the South Sea islands are renowned. Diamonds adorn the shoulders which start at the full width of the band and narrow as they descend to form a striking point of focus that lifts the ring from fantastic to spectacular!

White Gold Tahitian Pearl Ring

There’s something a little intoxicating about a deliberate move from symmetry to asymmetry. The snub to the Art Deco influences in ring and jewelry design, and firmly setting its stall out in support of Art Nouveau in this fabulous piece makes for a bold and daring addition to our list.

Topped by a stunning 10mm `chocolate brown Tahitian Pearl which itself contains an almost vitreous luster, the contraflow twist of the band is adorned with a single shoulder setting with a fleur-de-lis-type effect containing delicate diamonds within the three leaves. It’s daring to be different in a big way!

Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Ring

This lovely ring is slightly unusual in that the band, shoulders and gallery all form part of a single flow which encircles the beautiful Tahitian pearl at its crown. The shoulders and twisted effect gallery are, in turn, set with 0.40 carats of diamonds which cause a twinkle usually seen only in the eyes of lovers and dreamers!

Both elegant and demanding of attention, the ring is an exquisite example of how to set a Tahitian pearl in such a way that the entire piece is worthy of admiration.

12mm Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Ring

A serious pearl, such as this magnificent example, needs a serious setting. As well as a fine yellow gold band which offsets the rich dark color and luster of the pearl perfectly, the free-floating effect of the gallery is set with an almost endless pavé of diamonds totaling 0.36ct.

The overall effect is bewildering and enlightening at the same time. The eye is led around the stream of diamonds but always with the prime focus on the pearl. A beautiful ring from start to finish, and all points in between, this rare beauty is what pearl rings - and especially Tahitian pearl rings - should be about.

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