Freshwater Pearls are considered to be the most versatile pearl they are found and grown primarily in man-made lakes in the far east. Freshwater pearls make more than 90% of today's world wide pearl market. Although freshwater pearls are often considered to have the lowest value out of all the other different pearl types they are the most used and worn pearls produced today.

Freshwater pearls were originally founded in the lakes and reservoirs of Japan. There was a huge production of freshwater pearls of all different shapes and sizes found in Japan, but due to the water pollution discovered in lakes of Japan the production died out. This boom of production found in the lakes of Japan began in the 1920' s and died out in the 1980's. Ever since the production decreased in Japan, China has taken over and now most of the production is done there. China produces both round and baroque shaped pearls. Both of these types of freshwater pearls are commonly seen and worn by people from all over the world.